Sunday, November 16, 2008

Paintball basics

Paintball Basics

Paintball is basically a safe, simple, challenging and strategic sport. The basics of paintball are that is usually played by two teams, each with at least two players. Adults and kids alike enjoy this sport as they often refer to it as an advanced or improvised game of tag

Tournaments are common place in many areas and because it is a very exciting game to watch they attract lots of spectators of all ages.

There are two various types of paintball games, however, the most popular game often played is called "capture the flag". The main objective of this game is for teams to advance to the opponent’s base, move the other team’s flag to its destined location, while at the same time safeguarding your own flag.

Other paintball basics are that there are many obstacles on a paintball field such as tires, forts, old cars and inflatables. These are the newest introduction in the area of obstacles and are positioned as refuge for team players. This makes the game all the more exciting and makes it sem as if you are participating in an actual game of war in videos.

When a person is hit by the projectile it can hurt briefly and at times even give players bruises. Players are typically attired in long sleeve shirts and pants making sure that the color is not identical to that of the judge. Other paintball gear such as mask, helmet and goggles are also required for safety reasons.

The sport of paintball basically has a distinct and specific set of rules that are strictly enforced. The producer of the tournament is the absolute authority in regard to either an alteration or addition to the rules. Tournament marshals oversee the event and have final decision making responsibiities. Active disputes between players and or teams on the paintball field are not tolerated.

Something other than a military approach is required because paintball basic knowledge is recognized and understood by the teams. A team’s tactic should be carefully planned in advance with all team members having a clear understanding of the strategy. Your team’s line of attack will not be known by the opposing team but there should be a quick switch of plans in case something goes wrong.

As team members move through the field there must be a lot of team work involved. As one member moves there should be others to protect his flanks and be ready to provide covering shots when necessary. A team that moves together with a common objective will have a great chance of succeeding in this game.

Good communication in the field is also a very important paintball basic. A team-mate can shout the position of the opponent or use pre-determined hand signals the moment that an oposing player is seen.

The excitement of this game concludes when you are seen, hit and eliminated - a situation that all team players struggle to avoid.

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