Sunday, January 11, 2009

Paintball Accessories

Having the essential paintball accessories like markers, tanks, guns, vests and other equipment are all part of the excitement when you plan to play paintball. However, it is the small and simple things that count even before the game begins. Sometimes the little accessories that are locked in a toolbox are all that are needed to complete a paintball game. A toolbox is the first aid kit of the game; if anything goes wrong that is unexpected or unavoidable, there is no reason to fret.

The gun's manual: there are instances in the game when the gun has to undergo "intensive surgery". Guns differ from each other regardless of the physical similarities of some. If that time comes when it needs to be disassembled, the manual can make it easier to put it all back together. Try to find manuals with problem solving ideas, they really help.

Common Paintball Accessories

Reserve batteries: some guns require batteries to function. It would be such a waste of time if in the middle of the game the batteries died and you could not continue to play so keep new batteries available.

Allen wrench to the rescue: some players have either inherited their guns from their friends or bought second-hand guns. If you did not get a set of Allen wrenches when you bought the gun buy a set from a hardware store and be sure to keep them handy. Most of the paintball accessories below are inexpensive.

Oil ole'! Make sure that there is a small can of oil for the paintball gun inside the box as well. Sometimes weather dictates if the gun needs oiling; be sure to get the specific oil type recommended by the manual for the gun.

Mask lens as spare: when worse comes to worst, mask lens' will either become blurry or scratched. Don't hesitate to replace them if your vision is impaired as this really affects how the game is played.

Squeegee anyone? Carrying one on the field is enough during a game, so why not bring a replacement if anything goes wrong? It saves time for playing rather than looking for a squeegee.

Cupseals and reserved O-rings: some players do not know that O-rings and cup seals can be damaged easily and this will hurt the paintball gun big time so it is a must to replace the cupseal before this happens.

And for the player, always have a neck guard around to save the neck from those disturbing shots that hit your neck. There may be a team available to do first aid when something goes wrong but it would make sense to carry a personal first aid kit as an essential paintball acesssory. Carry around spare basic safety "gadgets" like a mask, gloves, and pads and have a worry free paintball game.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Basic Paintball Strategy Explained

Basic Paintball Strategy Explained

Basic paintball strategy includes a few things you could do when you are outnumbered during a game. The first thing to remember is do not panic. The second is you must think every situation through completely before acting.

The first paintbal strategy is to select the proper team leader. It is the leader that teammates must rely on when quick decisions have to be made during a match.

The following are basic things that can be done when you or your team feels that they have been outnumbered in paintball.

Paintball strategy when you are on the defense:

Make sure that all of your team mates are placed near the boundary of the field so that the opposing team will have little chance to sneak up on you. Next is to designate one to three players to patrol the field (the number depends on your team’s size). Ask them to patrol around the field looking specifically for an enemy and taking that person out. If they notice a group of the opposing team and this group does not notice them they must immediately go back and advise the rest of the team of the location of the enemy. Make sure that if any enemy force is squad size is noticed that a similar sized squad is dispatched to face them.

Another paintball strategy is to send out a patrol to attract the opposing team and entice them to be defensive. Keep in mind that there is a risk when doing this because there is a possibility that a member of the opposing team could escape and be able to warn his own team mates.

You could also make the choice to pretend that you have not seen the opposing enemy. The idea being that if are not seen you are not a threat to them.

Make sure to gather all members of your team together and then carefully and cautiously move up the side of the field that you think is less likely to be utilized by the opposing team. When you arrive at a strategic position try to hunt the enemy force and strike the opposing team from that side.

The very best paintball strategy when you are on the defensive or outnumbered is to relax. Staying calm and thinking clearly are you best chance to overcome the odds.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Best paintball video ever

Best paintball video ever

This by far the best paintball video I have seen online.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Make use of paintball squads

Make Use of Paintball Squads

A paintball squad is a group playing to achieve a common objective and preferably made up of not more than six members. It is best if the paintball squad members are disciplined and are quick in their physical movements.

Paintball is a rough sport but it is not always a physical game; more often, it is a mind game. While physical fitness and strength matters, a good strategy will also make or break your game.
One of the most effective ways of playing paintball is to make use of squads; achieve this by dividing the paintball players into squads. If possible, each squad member should be briefed on the team's specific objective and must be advised how each member can help achieve this goal.

Each squad member must realize that their movements are important to the team. Slow movement can be an asset when the enemy is near. Learning how to hide is also important to avoid getting hit by paintballs. However, what is more important about learning how to hide is that by doing it, the chances that you will be seen or fired upon by the enemy is diminished. A relative distance of at least five yards between squad members will make it more difficult for the enemy to see you.

One of the most important traits in playing paintball is patience. Members of the paintball squad must not only use their physical agility to win the game, but more importantly their minds to make use of strategies that will help them win over their opponents. They must also learn to coordinate with each member to avoid being detected by their enemies. The team must be informed that it is best for the squad to fire as a group, making sure that each member is in the right position before firing.

Squad members should support the other members who are being fired at by firing back; especially when they are in a better and more strategic position to do so.

The most important thing is that the squad knows that they are playing for the team and that coordination and team work will be a deciding factor in winning the game. Remember, more heads, rather guns that are firing as one, are better - especially in paintball.

Whatever you do, play as a team and you will certainly have the advantage over your enemies.

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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Where to Play Paintball

Where to Play Paintball

Many people ask where to play paintball. There are various types of paintball fields that offer both a challenge and exciting experience for players. Properly organized and equipped paintball playing fields add to the overall enjoyment of the sport for both players and spectators.
Wooded areas...

The purest type of setting that paintball is played on is referred to by a lot of paintball players as “Woodsball”. On this type of field, players get the feel of realistic war games. The field is basically no more than a secluded section of the woods which has an open area. Learning how to stealthfully advance when playing on this type field can be a very complex matter.

Concept fields...
The concept field is most often created outdoors and has many objects that have been set up for players to take refuge in or seek protection from the enemy. Usually concept fields have a theme such as an urban city setting with cars, buildings and many other city elements. There are some fields that are very creative with their themes, such as medieval themes with castles which have towers, wagons and cutouts of people. Concept fields are interesting and fun for both players and spectators. Organizers are able to adjust the skill level of the group by removing or adding obstacles.

Speedball fields...
According to paintball fanatics, when aked where to play paintball, most will tell you the most exciting and challenging of all fields are the speedball fields. They are made up of equally spaced and sized barriers. The challenge on this type of field is that a player can not see past the large barriers and can bump into or encounter anyone at any time. With the smaller barriers a player can be concealed in one direction but be seen by another player.

Indoor fields...
Indoor fields is another place where paintball is played. These offer a much different approach and experience than an outdoor field. The first and major thing that new players encounter is that here paintball guns are very loud and distracting. Some players find that the sound hurts their ears so they wear earplugs as protection.

Indoor fields are generally found in cities where there is a lack of open areas to play the game. Indoor fields are similar to outdoor fields in that the arenas also offer a variety of themes and set ups. The size of the playing area is considered to be the major difference.

A group of like minded people with great team effort and a well planned strategy is the key to the game of paintball regardless of where the game is played. Select a field that fits your interests and your performance level the best keeping in mind that paintball fields are as diverse as one’s imagination.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Defensive Tactics in Paintball

Defensive Tactics in Paintball

The best defensive tactics in paintball as in many other sports is having a good offense feeding off the defense. This kind of thinking is usually deployed in sports such as basketball or soccer where the team does its best to prevent the other team from scoring. A team can also use the same defensive tactics in the game of paintball by allowing their offense to feed off of their defense.

Games start with both sides having a limited amount of ammunition. Since the game can last for a very long time it is very important that teams try and make every shot count. Only firing when there is a clear shot will help conserve ammunition and allow for a more sustained defensive tactic paintball strategy.

Spreading out over as much area as possible is a good defensive tactic in paintball. This will help defend the enemy no matter which direction they may come from. Should the opposing team see one of your team members the others who have a better view should neutralize that person.

If in the opening minutes of the game a team has lost half of its members the best strategy is to fall back to the base and regroup. A perimeter should be set up to prevent the other team from outflanking the group while patrols can be sent out to search for the enemy.

If a scout has spotted a single enemy he should attempt to take the opponent out while at the same time conserving resources. Should there be a group moving towards the base then the strategy should be to go back and inform the others and fight off the enemy with as many people as possible. This plan could fail if any of the members of the opposing force escapes the attack and informs the others the location of your base.

The trick in catching the enemy off guard takes camouflage and concealment. Since the guns have a limited range it is best to wait until the opposing force enters the kill zone before any shooting takes place.

When a players position has been revealed a firefight will surely take place. Since return fire is sure to come survival depends on securing sufficient cover. It takes proper planning and constant communication for any play to be effective. Solid defensive tactics for long periods of time in a paintball game is the best way to create enough offense to capture the flag and come away with the win.