Saturday, November 29, 2008

Defensive Tactics in Paintball

Defensive Tactics in Paintball

The best defensive tactics in paintball as in many other sports is having a good offense feeding off the defense. This kind of thinking is usually deployed in sports such as basketball or soccer where the team does its best to prevent the other team from scoring. A team can also use the same defensive tactics in the game of paintball by allowing their offense to feed off of their defense.

Games start with both sides having a limited amount of ammunition. Since the game can last for a very long time it is very important that teams try and make every shot count. Only firing when there is a clear shot will help conserve ammunition and allow for a more sustained defensive tactic paintball strategy.

Spreading out over as much area as possible is a good defensive tactic in paintball. This will help defend the enemy no matter which direction they may come from. Should the opposing team see one of your team members the others who have a better view should neutralize that person.

If in the opening minutes of the game a team has lost half of its members the best strategy is to fall back to the base and regroup. A perimeter should be set up to prevent the other team from outflanking the group while patrols can be sent out to search for the enemy.

If a scout has spotted a single enemy he should attempt to take the opponent out while at the same time conserving resources. Should there be a group moving towards the base then the strategy should be to go back and inform the others and fight off the enemy with as many people as possible. This plan could fail if any of the members of the opposing force escapes the attack and informs the others the location of your base.

The trick in catching the enemy off guard takes camouflage and concealment. Since the guns have a limited range it is best to wait until the opposing force enters the kill zone before any shooting takes place.

When a players position has been revealed a firefight will surely take place. Since return fire is sure to come survival depends on securing sufficient cover. It takes proper planning and constant communication for any play to be effective. Solid defensive tactics for long periods of time in a paintball game is the best way to create enough offense to capture the flag and come away with the win.

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